Our Story

John grew up in small town Front Royal, VA on his family farm that raised sheep and cattle. He had never tried coffee until he turned 19 years old and started taking college classes while working two full-time jobs. His love for coffee began when he tasted his first pour-over using freshly ground beans, and it grew into his wanting to learn what it takes to make a cup of coffee great.

Christopher grew up moving up and down the East Coast, landing him in Goochland, VA. He had his first cup of coffee in a diner with his grandfather at 8 years old, and he has been captivated by its complexity ever since. Over the years, Christopher’s curiosity steered him to exploring different brew methods and coffee origins, until he decided to begin roasting his own beans, from his home. He perfected his roasts to share samples with nearby cafes and friends – including John.

John and Christopher met as groomsmen in a mutual friends’ wedding in 2019, and they hit it off right away. They share the same passion in finding the perfect cup of coffee, and they decided their love for the perfect cup needs to be shared. They have one simple mission in mind that is the driving force for their company:

To enable people to experience single-origin, premium coffee at a price everyone can afford.

Your coffee beans are continually roasted with as much love and care as we can give. Enjoy!